Beijing acrobatic show review

I had never seen any attraction like that before, but the Acrobatic show beijing gave me a very wonderful experience. 1 hour seemed not enough, I want to see more and more. It was a flawless show, you cant imagine how they could do that. The actress/actor were so great and gave me the greatest show ever.

We bought the premium tickets from website at discounted price and just paid before entering the Theater. Unless you really want to sit on the premium rows, most of the seat have a great view.

It was a Good 2 hours Show. Thank you for those who arrange the online sales with a clear instruction on how to get there.

We were in Beijing for an extra night and based on tripadvisor reviews, decided to buy our discount tickets on line. This worked out well. You pay only when you pick up you tickets which are transferred at the theatre door. The subway stop is next door so very convenient. The show was a great performance. Don't spend extra for premium seats, as the theatre is small and every seat has good sight lines.

There are travel agencies online that offer tickets at a much lower rate. They normally buy it in bulk where they can get amazing discounts. I had mine booked a few hours before the show. They will just write your name on a sheet of paper and they will purchase and give u the tickets upon meet up infront of the theatre. Just make sure you are on time though, otherwise they leave the place. We waited until it was 15mins before the show started before i decided to call the agent. Gladly he showed up and we got in just in the nick of time. 

A fantastic experience and spectacular to watch- amazing acrobatics as well as sound and light effects.
Remember to bargain for cheaper seat prices- online places sell them for RMB135 instead of RMB180!
Be prepared for tour groups coming late and climbing over you, as well as almost continuous talking and answering of cell phones!
The theatre itself is easy to get to by subway- but it is tucked away behind a corner so get the name written out in Mandarin before you go so that you can ask for directions

Thoroughly enjoyed this show. Some of the things that they do are utterly amazing, particularly the part on the vertical ropes. Well worth a visit but as as the theatre is reasonably small there is no need to pay for more than a basic 180RMB seat- the extra cost isn't worthwhile. The show is made up of two 40ish minute sections with a 15 minute interval. Entertaining from start to finish. Would definitely recommend.

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